Other Resources

Policy Briefs and Submissions:

The following documents have been prepared by the HFPA  to help inform municipal processes that are key to shaping the future of food in Halifax.

Feedback on Halifax Centre Plan (December 2016)

EAC_Halifax Green Network Plan Submission 2015

 Media Interviews:

Co-Chair Madeleine Waddington on CBC Information Morning


Co-Chair Nancy Anningson on CBC Maritime Connection


Other Tools & Resources:

EAC Social Return on Investment Study – HFPA-2016

Make Food Matter Toolkit, FoodARC

EAC_ Municipal Election Toolkit 2016

EAC_Food and the City Document 2016

Making Food Matters: Strategies for Activating Change Together (Authors: Activating Change Together for Community Food Security)

Municipal Food Policy Entrepreneurs: A preliminary Analysis of how Canadian Cities and Regional Districts are involved in Food System Change. (Authors: Rod MacRae & Kendal Donahue)

Provincial Election Advocacy 2017:

Advocate for food issues during the provincial election campaign!  Use, customize, and share the  toolkits below on 4 key food issues.

Social Media Tool Kit – Institutional Procurement

Social Media Tool Kit – School Food

Social Media Tool kit – Food Insecurity

Social Media Tool Kit – Agricultural Land

Canadian Food Policy Councils

Vancouver Food Policy Council

Toronto Food Policy Council 

Food Matters Manitoba

Edmonton Food Council

Calgary Food Policy Council

Supporting Organizations

Food Secure Canada