Food Charter

The Halifax Food Policy Alliance has drafted an HRM Food Charter, with community input. Learn more about what a Food Charter is in this short video:


Read the HRM Food Charter

To learn more about how the HRM Food Charter was developed, read our Food Charter Engagement Summary.

With an HRM Food Charter drafted, we need everyone to share their ideas for shaping a stronger, more inclusive food system in HRM. Here are three ways you can help:


  1. Share your ideas for food in HRM on social media using #hfxfoodcharter
  2. Let your local councillor or MLA know that food matters to you
  3. Lead a conversation to help raise awareness using the Food Charter Discussion Guide

In the coming year, our aim is to work with alongside communities and organizations to build tools and resources that can help everyone to collect and share their ideas around shaping a stronger, more inclusive food system in HRM. To stay connected to events and opportunities related to the HRM food charter, go to our Contact Us page and Sign Up to receive regular updates.