About Us

Formed in 2013, the Halifax Food Policy Alliance (HFPA) is a partnership of individuals and organizations that represent different sectors related to the food system. Together, we are working to achieve our vision: Halifax: where no one is hungry and everyone has nutritious food that they enjoy, for generations to come, sustained by local producers. 

The HFPA is made up of a Steering Committee and Task Teams.  Currently, the task teams are focused on two priority areas of work: 1) Government Relations and Civic Engagement; 2) Food Action Plan for HRM. 

Our Approach and Impact

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Our Approach

The HFPA aims to build a common understanding of food systems issues, as well as solutions that move us in the right direction. Food security is closely related to critical
challenges of our time, such as poverty, health, land use, planning, transportation and climate change. It is therefore essential to adopt an approach that is comprehensive, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional. HFPA works to strengthen relationships and coordination among different actors of the food system including government, business and the community sector.

Our Impact

We aim to have positive impact on Halifax’s food system in the following ways:

  1. SECTOR ALIGNMENT AND IMPACT: We work to strengthen relationships across organizations and grow sector alignment and impact around food.
  2. EFFECTIVE FOOD POLICIES AND PROGRAMS: We work to foster municipal leadership for effective food policies and programs.
  3. COMMUNITY-LED ACTION AND ADVOCACY: We work to build awareness, capacity, and engagement for community-led action and advocacy around food.

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